About Us

Horn Economic and Financial Institute (HEFI) is an economic and financial advisory services provider registered in Somalia and Kenya. HEFI provides world-clas technical assistance, project management, and consulting and advisory services in the intertwined fields of economics, finance, and development to assist public institutions, private enterprises, nongovernmental organizations, and multilateral and bilateral development cooperation organizations. HEFI brings together experts from different fields through a network of associated experts of African and Western nationalities. With these experts, we are able to apply innovative and proven strategies to create sound solutions to address the particular needs of our clients.

Our vision is to provide world-class consultancy services to assist our clients (public institutions, private enterprises, nongovernmental organizations, and multilateral/bilateral development cooperation organizations), making us one of the most formidable consultants in the Horn of Africa region.
Our mission is to help find solutions to financial, economic and developmental issues for our clients in public, institutions, private enterprises, nongovernmental organizations, and multilateral/ bilateral development cooperation organizations, thus contributing to socio-economic development in the Horn of Africa region.
The services we provide are: identification and design of projects and programs, technical assistance, studies and assessments, project management and implementation, institutional and more


Public Financial Management

HEFI offers public financial management advisory services that allow for greater accountability and transparency in the management of public resources. We provide analysis of expenditure allocation, expenditure prioritization strategies, and operational efficiency. In addition, we are able to provide advisory services that allow our public clients cost analysis per program (‘bottom-up’) and on mechanisms to integrate it with national policy priorites (‘top down’) for medium-term periods. HEFI provides expertise on the design of methodolgoies for internal audits and planning of external audits, and international best practices in cash flow and debt management.

Budget Support

HEFI experience in budget support includes: • Budget preparation; • Budget execution and treasury managmeent • Bugeting policies that are tailored around federalism and decentralization; • Support in transitioning away from annually-focused budgetary • Support in aligning and integrating budget planning with national policy • Support in reforming national and sub-national budgeting processes and tools

Institutional Strengthening and Capacity-Building

Transparent, effective and accountable public sector governance is instrumental for development, inclusive and sustainable growth, and eradicating poverty. Keeping this in mind, HEFI works to assist governments in strengthening public institutions through capaciity-building initiatives aimed at engendering an effecive and competent civil service. Institutional strengthening and capacity-building is an integral part of our core institutional culture. In all our dealings with public clients, we look to include this compenent within the framework of the project. Our experience in this realm includes: • Strategic planning and processes of reenginering of ministries and other • Civil service management support (roles and responsibilities, • Establishment of systems for monitoring public service performance; • Monitoring and evaluation of effectiveness of national and sub-national • Training of staff to develop organizational behaviour understanding and mechanisms to a mulityear-focused approach; objectives, including the government’s Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper; government institutions best recrutiment practices; administration performance change management skills;

Financial System and Capital Market Development

In global terms, poverty alleviation and sustainable development have been top priorities for multilateral development institutions, bilateral donors, and national and subnational governments. As such, this requires sound financial systems and capital market development, including the development of microfinance institutions that provide services to the very poor. In this regard, HEFI offers the following services: • Design and evaluation of sector-specific financial products: microfinance, rural finance, and Shariah-compliant finance and microfinance instruments; • Audits fo operational andf financial integrity for national, developmental and commercial banking institutions;

National Statistics

Economic and financial research has taken different dimensions in the recent few years. It has seen greater interlinkages and synergies between the areas of statistics, mathematics, management and economics. To enhance the ability of our clients to harness the tools of statistics, HEFI offers to provide the following services: • Formulation of econmic models and development of econometric tools to • Advice on large-scale statistic projects such as census and surveys; • Development of procedures for collecting and consolidating data and • Establishing best-practice mechanisms to support policy formulation; • Institutional strengthening and capacity-building of statistical and planning bolster the capcity of local planning and statistical offices; producing up-to-date information; offices;

Regulatory Legislation

With regard to regulatory legislation, HEFI offers the following services: • Analyzing local regulations, and benchmarking with best practices in the • Support in the develpment of antiimonopoly regulation; • Advisory services to institutions responsible in monitory regulated markets.

said sector;


The services we provide are: identification and design of projects and programs, technical assistance, studies and assessments, project management and implementation, institutional, and more.